Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thudhuvalai Podi / Thudhuvalai Rice Mix

Thudhuvalai is called Purple Fruited Pea Egg Plant and it has lot of medicinal benefits. I have already shared a flavourful Rasam Recipe in my page here. Its Botanically called Solanum trilobatum as it has three lobed leaves and belongs to the family of Brinjal. It is used in many Ayurvedic and Siddha preparations to cure Asthma and Tuberculosis, and prolonged cold and cough. It is also known to have antimitotic properties (preventing cell division in tumerous cells) and hence acts as anticancerous agent as well. It has well pronounced anti bacterial and anti fungal properties too.

For this week's Organic Kitchen, I am sharing a very easy yet healthy rice mix using this medicinal leaves. This can be taken with hot steamed rice as well as with Idly and Dosa. This can be sprinkled in any of your curries to get the benefits of this leaves.

Step By Step Pictures

Happy Cooking :) 

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