Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kodampuli Kollu Chaaru / Kodampuli Kollu Rasam

How about a diet/ medicinal/ weight loss recipe for this week's Organic Kitchen??? Yes, am happy to share a very healthy Rasam/ Soup recipe made with Kodampuli / Malabar Tamarind / Garcinia, that too from home grown trees..(yes I get Kodampuli from our Uncle's place in Mavelikara where they have this tree at their home garden).

Kodampuli (Cambodgia) / Malabar Tamarind is a natural Anti Oxidant and is often used as an alternative medicine for its admirable anti-colic action.

Cambodgia also popular natural weight loss aid, because of its rich content  hydroxycitric acid.
It suppresses appetite naturally and improve metabolic rate of the body. It controls the blood sugar levels and hence beneficial for diabetic patients. It also strengthens our digestive system and is used to treat gastric ulcers.

Now for the recipe:

The Ingredients

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The Recipe

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Whole Black Gram Dosa / Mulu Ulundhu Dosa

Its yet another long pending recipe that was in my bucket list to be shared here. Nothing new or innovative but one of those forgotten recipe/ more I would say the form of Urd Dhall being used I would say. Its Whole Black Gram Dosa Batter. I have seen my grandma and mom using only whole Urd Dhall for Idly Dosa Batter during my childhood years passed by we moved to the polished and deskinned Urd Dhall for the fact that we get more white idlies. For many health aspects, we are getting back to our age old methods and recipes and this is one such which harnesses the benefits of Black Gram completely.

For benefits and nutrition aspects of Black Gram, please check my Karupu Ulundhu Vendhaya Kali Recipe.

Here you go for the recipe of the batter.

Tip: Use Gingelly oil to make dosas as it enhances the flavour and taste and serve with Garlic Chutney or any Spicy Chutneys.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sukku Kashayam / Dry Ginger Concoction

When I was thinking of what should I post for this Thursday's Organic Kitchen, I came across the recipe of my grandma in a notebook which am keeping as treasure (I slowly recollected all that she taught me and have written down in a notebook). Even though I make this often, I never published it here, for the fact that the recipe being very simple and easy one. Yet it is very effective against almost many of the ailments and is the best home based herbal remedy for headache, cold, flu, cough and indigestion. Yes, it is our simple humble Sukku Kashayam an integral part of Paati Vaithyam  :)

Dry Ginger is an excellent medicine and it has numerous benefits. It fight against bacterial infection, reduce obesity, purify liver and blood. It is also proven to be effective against tooth ache, throat infection, cure acidity problems, improves immunity and above all prevents stroke.

Here you go for the recipe.

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The Recipe 

Have a Healthy Weekend :) 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Herbal Cough Drops / Herbal Candies

Chennai is expecting another spell of rains and thundershowers. The current weather is very conducive for mosquitoes to breed in and the chances of infections like flu is still high. Thought of sharing a Herbal remedy for Sore Throat and Digestion related issues. I made this Herbal Cough Drops for my Mom who is suffering from severe cough and cold for the past few days. Made it very subtle with a unique blend of home grown herbs like Holy Basil, (Black and Green Both), Country Borage which are very very effective in treating sore throat along with Ginger, Pepper and Cloves (Clove is known to improve immune system and effective in treating head aches, aids in digestion too). It can be taken for digestion related problems as well as the ingredients helps to promote digestion. Why to go for Vicks and Halls when we can make them at home so easily with all local ingredients? Happy to share this.

Here is the recipe:

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Parsley Mango Ginger Rasam

Another rasam recipe to the Rasam Series here??? and that too with the exotic Parsley...Interesting it sounds..Is it not? Yes, a unique blend that I tried today with a fresh bunch of Parsley with flavourful Mango Ginger in a Toor Dhall base and lemon as souring agent. Absolutely tasted heaven and it is yet another recipe that got good validations from family members and my best critique,.. My Mom :) Happy to share this lovely recipe and for the benefits of Parsley, Please check my Parsley Mint Chammanthi post here.

Here is the recipe;

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vallarai Spicy Rice Mix / Vallarai Podi

With North East Monsoons kicked off and Nada Cyclone Alert, we definitely are curious about the outcomes this season is going to bring about (remembering last year's disastrous period). Wanted to share some healthy spice mix powder, apt for this season to stock, with the very beneficial Vallarai Keerai / Pennywort Leaves, for this week's Organic Kitchen.

Asiatic pennywort or Indian pennywort / Vallari is another treasured herb which offers a bountiful of health benefits (often referred as Memory Booster). Botanically Centella asiatica . It can be easily grown in kitchen garden.

The Leaves are used in treating the problems like liver functioning,lungs and kidney disorders, and for regularizing blood circulation.

Since ages it has been considered as the best brain tonic for growing children. Presence of Nitric acid in the leaves is highly beneficial for brain activity. It aids in improving the concentration and helps to focus better.It also strengthen the optic nerves.

Vallarai extract is also used in treating Hair fall, hair thinning and other hair problems.It also helps to cure problems like indigestion, stomach pain or diarrhea.

Studies show that the extract of these leaves are helpful in treating hyperactivity in children and also to treat Alzheimer disease.

Used in treating Diabetes as these leaves has the potential to reduce the blood sugar level, and also used in treating constipation problem and stomach ulcers.

Taking 1tsp of shade dried and powdered Vallarai with warm milk before bed time will  kill the worms in the stomach.

Sharing a healthy rice mix with goodness of Vallarai, Horse gram, Pepper and Sesame Seeds.

Here you go for the recipe:

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