Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lemongrass Lemonade - A Miraculous Medicinal Cooler For Migraines

Migraine..The word itself will sound terrific to those who are suffering with that worst demon..Am one among the hundreds who are living with migraine..a living migraineur. Till now the medical field hasn't got anything as cure for this problem only because it has a big list of potential causes which differs from person to person. The medicines which are available now also has lot of side effects and I write this with my own experience over the past 10 years and I have tried every other treatment modes ranging from Allopathy to Ayurveda. Nothing has really helped me in avoiding migraines and once you get your attack there is no other go, you have to fight out the phase which might last for few hours to few days too. I have a bad experience of 6 days of suffering.

Basically every migraineur wish would be to combat and alleviate the pain once you get an attack. Migraines alters our normal body functioning by altering the levels of the neurotransmitter, the Serotonin (hence the mood swings)  which in turn affects the normal functioning of the platelets (causing the clumping of the platelets) and disrupts the body's electrolyte balance which is essential for the proper nerve functioning and muscle functioning (hence the nausea, dehydration and stiffness of muscles and nerves).

In this post, am sharing a miraculous medicinal cooler recipe which will help to alleviate the migraine pain. It has Lemon Grass as the main constituent, which is known and proved by research for its highest content of Eugenol, which actually inhibits the clumping of the platelets by balancing the serotonin levels.

The other important ingredient here is Himalayan Pink Salt, which has lot of trace minerals and electrolytes (It has almost 84 of those 118 known elements on Earth) and thus helps in restoring the body's electrolyte and alkaline balance.

The Lemon Juice again with the Himalayan Pink Salt act as a magic in relieving the pain. This is an excellent cooler not only for migraineurs but for everyone on any day to keep our body hydrated.

Here's the recipe...Hope this helps atleast few who suffer like me..

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ice Apple Rose Milk / Nungu Rose Milk

Ice Apples get easily blended with Milk and imparts an excellent flavour and taste to it. Rose Milk is everyone's favourite..When Ice Apples can be blended in, it tastes truly heaven. This recipe can be served as a Party Coolers for their refreshing and cute pink colour. Kids would love this as a drink. A must try during the season of Ice Apples. I have used the famous Kalathi Kadai Rose Milk Essence which has an awesome taste and Flavour.

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Now to the recipe...

Ice Apple Mango Dessert

A dessert with the seasonal fruits??? Doesn't that sounds great... Yes it is the dessert I tried with the fruits of the season, Mineral Rich Ice Apples and Vitamin Rich delicious Juicy Mangoes. The added happiness would be adding those sweet mangoes grown organically in your own home garden. When I saw those ripened mangoes at my home town when I visited a week back, I wanted to do something cool. The tender Ice Apples that my Father in Law brought for us to relish made me to try this unique combo of Mango and Ice Apples. It was a great hit at home with addition of golden raisins. Yet another easy peasy recipe to try this season.

Enjoy this deliciously cool dessert :) Check this post for Benefits of Ice Apple. 

Ice Apple Milk Dessert / Nungu Paal

Ice Apples are available in plenty this season and the summer is not complete without making this family favorite Nungu Paal / Ice Apple Milk Dessert. This one recipe I have always relished as a child and my mother never fail to make this every summer. This is considered to be one Royal Dessert those days and when guests visit us during summer, this will be a sure shot recipe. A recipe that can be made in a jiffy and the blend is yummilicious one with the goodness of milk.

Always ensure you mix in the Ice Apples along with the Juice inside as that has lot of minerals in it and gives a unique taste to the dessert. This recipe can be enhanced with honey instead sugar and this tastes heaven with honey blended in.

Try this out and you will sure love it..

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Ice Apple Sarsaparilla Sherbet / Nungu Nannari Sherbet

Summer is the season where we get lot of delicious fruits and the nature by itself has ensured that it gives us natural coolants to beat the heat. One such wonder fruit is the fruit of Palmyra Trees (Panai Maram in Tamil). The fruit is called as Ice Apple or Palm Fruit (Nungu in Tamil). The benefits of this fruit is huge and it act as an excellent hydrating agent.

This fruit is loaded with Vitamins A, B and more amount of Vitamin C (100 gms Flesh has 5 mg of Vitamin C). It is rich in essential minerals like Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorous which are prime most for teeth and bone health. It also aids in weight loss, improves digestion and prevents constipation in Pregnant women.

Ice Apple is available during the months of May to August and the fruit can be eaten raw (eating along with the skin is highly recommended to harness the complete health benefits) or it can be made into delicious Coolers or Desserts. This season I made four different recipes to try with this cool Ice Apples.

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Ice Apple Milk Dessert / Nungu Paal
Ice Apple Rose Milk
Ice Apple Mango Dessert

In this Sherbet recipe, I have combined three great cooling agents, Ice Apple, Sarsaparilla and Basil Seeds. This is a Unique Blend to beat the scorching summer heat and this prevent heat strokes. A must try during this season.

Hope you will enjoy this tasty and delicious sherbet :) Welcome your feed backs :) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Coolers - Tulsi / Holy Basil Sherbet

Aahhhaa... It has been a while I compiled a post here, even though I have been regularly posting in my FB page, blame my hectic work schedule [of course I need to do justice to the profession which I have taken ;)]
Summer means the seasonal fruits and the coolers that comes into mind and not even a single day at our home go without some juices. Family prefers to live on some chilled home made drinks. I always ensure that I make use of the herbs of our own and give them some healthy coolers to balance the minerals that is lost due to dehydration and sweating which is very common in hot summer days. This time I wanted to make a record of all the coolers that I experimented, learnt and researched. And Yes...I did achieved making 50 coolers in a month and I will be posting the recipes of the all the coolers that are made with health aspects in mind.

Please do check my FB Page for the array of the 50 + Coolers : Summer Coolers 2016 

Cooler 1: Tulsi / Holy Basil Sherbet 

Tulsi or Holy Basil (Botanical Name: Ocimum sanctum ) is a herb belonging to Mint Family. It is used in almost every other Indian Home as a home remedy for Fever, Sore Throat and Cold. Its a miraculous herb with lots and loads of medicinal benefits. Owing to its anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial properties, it is used in treating many of the deadlier infections too. It acts as an excellent detoxifying agent and a blood purifier. Tulsi consumption also strengthens immune system. 

Studies have proven that it also act as stress reduction agent. It lowers the blood cholesterol levels and hence useful for treating heart diseases. It also promotes Oral health. Acts as a great mouth freshener. We can keep listing the innumerable benefits of Tulsi. Having a Tulsi Plant at home helps you in preventing many body ailments. 

I tried making a Sherbet with this excellent herb which itself is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and C along with Lemon which is a great cooler for this season even for kids. Added Almond Gum (the edible gum got from Almond Tree, which is a natural coolant). This was a big hit at home for the unique color and flavour. I have used Palm Candy for added Health Benefits.

Recipe..Here you go...

Have a Cool and Healthy Day :)