Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nellai Pazharasam / Fruit Mixture / Fruit Sherbet

The one smoothie made out of the native seasonal fruits which I have always cherished whenever I happen to visit that small Juice shop opposite to Mylapore Tank, Abirami Juice Shop. A very small shop owned by a man who sits inside and serves all the delicious freshly made juices and you can always see a big crowd there. I personally prefer this one delicacy that is popular too, The Original Nellai Pazharasam  (Thirunelveli Special) they call it and it is must to have during the summer season. One is the Original Fruit Mixture made of of fresh seasonal fruits and other variant is with a mix of Badam milk into it. It is absolutely an irresistible smoothie and happens to be my personal favorite all time. Thought of making this at home , this season and it happened to be a huge hit and I was so happy it matched the one I have always tasted.

The main Ingredient is the readily available Banana which forms the base and add the flavour. Here I am giving the recipes of the Fruit Mixture as well as the Badam Fruit Mixture. It is very easy to make in minutes if you have the fruits ready with you.

The Juice Shop @ Mylapore (PC: Google)

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ripe Mango Rasam / Mambazha Rasam

Being the season of the King of Fruits..The Sweet and Luscious is raining mangoes at home. Good part is that I do get home grown Organic Mangoes from my native. I make sure I try all Mango recipes during this season for the family to relish those sweet delights in all forms..And today it is Rasam with the sweet delicious mangoes lot that I got yesterday.

Not to mention the bountiful benefits that this fruit offer to us. This fulfill 25% of the daily need of Vitamin A by our body. It also lowers cholesterol and very good for skin health.

Here is a simple recipe to relish this fruit...I have used Lemon here and avoided Tamarind for a better flavour and rich taste.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cauliflower Lemon Rasam

Cauliflower is one of the Cruciferous Veggie that is rich in Vitamin C and K. It offers a lot of health benefits and it is recommended to include this veggie to our diet at least once in a week. To list out few of the benefits of Cauliflower intake,

1. Rich in antioxidants and Fights Cancer

2. Very good for a Healthy Heart

3. Boost Brain Health

4. Rich in Dietary Fiber and hence aids in better digestion

Cauliflower is normally made into curries or fry or gravy...but once in a while my mom used to make Rasam with Cauliflower which can be consumed as Soup as well as Rasam (with Cinnamon, Coconut Milk, Fennel she used to make). I made here a different version with Moong Dhall and Lemon which is very delicious and light on stomach. A must try recipe when we have some guests for a special meal.

Cleaning the Cauliflower: 

Normally the Cauliflower is highly prone to pest attack and the most prevalent pest would be DIamond Back moth, whose caterpillar and Pupal forms will be found in between the florets which is not easy to remove through naked eye and even a tedious job. In order to remove any worms and pupal cases, Boil three cups of water with little salt and turmeric powder, Cut the florets and add it to boiling water,switch off and cover it and after few minutes remove the florets and wash with cold water.

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