Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Andhra Parupu Podi / Spicy Dhall Rice Mix

It has been a long wait listed recipe and my family favorite too.  Have always relished this in all Andhra Meals Restaurants and started making my own when the day I realized my son loves it (still remember the small mess on Tirutani road where we happen to take our meals on the way to visit Tirutani Murugan, the very first time Kuttan had his meals out with this delicious Parupu Podi served by the Mess). Having this with hot steamed rice with a dollop of home prepared ghee or sesame oil is divineful for sure. A keeper recipe and simple to make too. All we need is the patience to roast the Dhalls in Low Flame separately till light golden brown.  (Low Flame is the Key here).

I usually make it for a week as I love having batches of fresh podi every week. I make each variety one week so we dont get bored with them and at the same time we get the benefits of all the ingredients added to various Podi Varieties. Check out the other Podi Recipes here.

Happy Cooking :) 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Healthy Neer Kozhukattai

Am happy to write this post as the recipe what am going it share is one which is treasured by my mom as she learnt this from her Mom. I want this to be passed on to my further generations as it has bountiful benefits. Even though I have never seen my maternal grandmother (Her Name is Chinthamani) except for a single photograph of her in my maternal uncle place, I feel she lives through the recipes of her I learnt from mom. My mom belongs to Mayavaram - Kuthaalam and her style of cooking inspired by her Mom is typica Thanjavur Style with many signature recipes which am keep learning till date. I wish I could learn all and keep them documented here. As my motto of this Blog is to have a repository of my family recipes, both from my Paternal Grandma who is an excellent cook by herself (all my Rasam Series are from her) from Velankanni-Nagapattinam and my Maternal side. This one recipe is made often by Mom whenever I suffer from Back Pain due to continuous working on system. Also it is very good for the girls who just attained puberty as it gives strength to back bones. Thanks to mom for sharing me the awesome recipe. This one differ from the usual Neer Kozhukattai as it has Urd Dhall in it.

Try this out and you will sure fall in love with this healthy recipe. :)

Happy Cooking :) Keep up our traditional recipes as they can never be replaced by modern day foods :)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Flax Seeds Groundnut Idly Chilli Powder

Flax seeds are miraculous seeds with innumerable medicinal properties. They were originally used in Austrian Medicine and now it is slowly catching attention owing to the health benefits that it offers. It has lot of minerals and loaded with fibre. It has less Carbs and gluten free too. It promotes healthy Skin and Hair. It lowers Cholesterol and aids in Weight Loss. It has good amounts of antioxidants which acts as anti ageing and hormone balancing agent.

A best way to include Flax seeds into our day to day diet is to have it in a powder form, which can be added to Smoothies, Juice or salads. Today I tried making Flax Seeds Idly Chilli Powder where I have used Groundnut to enhance the flavour and taste.

A healthy podi to go with Idly and Dosa :) 

Drumstick Moongdhall Rasam / Murungaikai Pasiparupu Rasam

Drumstick is not only known for their unique flavour but also for their innumerable health benefits. It has a prominent place in South Indian Cuisine. Be it a Sambar, Masala or Kootu it imparts a great flavor and taste. It has lot of health benefits. It helps in building bones, purifies blood and aids in digestion. It is also known to ease respiratory disorders and lowers blood sugar level too.

I have came across so many blogs with Drumstick Rasam Recipes, and I always wanted to try my own version. I have combined it with Moong Dhall instead Toor Dhall in order to enhance the taste and make it more healthier version. It is very light on stomach and hence people recovering from illness can also take this. It can also be taken as a soup.

Sure you will find it tasty and filling too :) 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Palm Jaggery Aapam / Karupatti Aapam

My new year resolution is to reduce amount of white sugar and go organic by replacing it with Palm Sugar and Palm Jaggery wherever possible. Needless to say that Palm Jaggery / Karupatti has innumerable health benefits. It has 60 times more minerals than White Sugar and a excellent source of natural sweetener. It increases Hemoglobin levels in our body and it aids in digestion. The higher potassium levels in it aids in weight loss. Its a great medicine for Cough and Cold or any kind of respiratory disorders. It is believed to reduce the Migraine Pain as well.

Here I have used this Palm Jaggery in our Regular Aapam batter which enhances the nutritional value and the recipe credit goes to my beloved mom. I made variations by adding Tutti Frooti to make it a delicious recipe for kids. Tastes best when taken hot. Plain Karupatti Aapam with Gingelly Oil is best combo as per Mom's recipe.

Would love to hear your feed backs :)

Spicy Cabbage Masala Dosa Wedges

Made some quick yet tasty dinner for my kidoo today with the Left Over Cabbage Masala. This Cabbage Masala Recipe is one which I always love whenever my mom makes it for lunch. It has an amazing flavour and tastes best with Sambar Rice, Rasam Rice and Curd Rice. It can also be mixed with hot rice with a dash of ghee. Thought of stuffing this to a Dosa as my son loves stuffed dosa varieties. Its an easy peasy recipe, at the same time gives a rich feel. It can be included in Party Menu too, if you have enough dosa batter.

Try and let me know your feed backs., Kids will sure love it. :)