Sunday, July 31, 2016

Citron Mango Ginger Pickle / Kadarangaai MaaInji Oorugaai

The season of Mango Ginger started and I never miss to make my favourite pickle out of this flavourful Curcuma Amada (Scientifically we call so). The unique falvour of raw mango is quite appetizing and no wonder it helps in relieving abdominal gas and promotes better digestion. It has lot of medicinal benefits. This combo that I am posting here is my Mom's Signature recipe where in she blends two beneficial items, Citron (Kadarangaai) and Mango Ginger (Maa Inji). This is for sure a tasty blend.

Here is the recipe..Thanks to my mom for patiently dictating each step.

Happy Cooking :) 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Parsley Mint Chammanthi

Parsley is a medicinal and culinary herb that is loaded with nutrients. It is an excellent of vitamin K and vitamin C as well as a good source of vitamin A, folate, and iron.It is considered as one of the world healthiest foods.

Parsley is an excellent immune system booster and improves bone health. It helps in proper functioning of the kidney by flushing out the excess fluids. It aids in better digestion and also relieves arthritic pain. It plays an essential role in inhibiting the tumerous cells. Also it promotes cardiovascular health.

I tried this chammanthi recipe with Parsley, Mint and Amla which is a unique nutritional mix, along with ginger and green chillies, this is quite a flavourful recipe.

Happy Cooking :) 

Mint Dhall Rasam

Am here with a flavourful and healthy recipe for my next post on #IOTGORGANICKITCHEN this week, Yes, It is Mint Dhall Rasam. An aromatic and tingling rasam that refresh our system.

Mint also known as Mentha is a small herbaceous plant. We can grow them in small containers from the twigs of the Mint after using all the leaves for cooking. And cooking from the produce that you got from your own garden is something exciting. It is best to use fresh than dried mint to harness all the benefits.

The medicinal and health values of this perennial herb is in numerous and to list out a few..

- It gives great relief for Asthma
- Strengthens the Liver
- Aids in better digestion
- Act as a natural body coolant
- Improves Oral Hygiene
- Anti cancerous
- Anti Inflammatory
- Promotes Healthy Skin and Teeth

Mint can be used to prepare so many recipes like Thogayal, Dip, Chutney, Rice Mix, Coolers, Soups,Ice cream, Variety Rice,etc., I will slowly add up more recipe with this Marvelous Mint...

And here is the recipe for the flavourful rasam.

Step By Step Pictorial 

Happy Cooking :) 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Murungai Ilai Kalathu Podi / Moringa Leaves Rice Mix

OrganicKitchen, A new initiative suggested by my good friend Prakash, who is the admin and founder of a lively FB group, the Inspiring Organic Terrace Gardens (IOTG) in which I became a member an year ago. The person who inspired me to have a small terrace garden for myself where I have a few herbal plants, flowering plants and ornamentals. Being a Kick Start Post in the group, I wanted to have something really healthy and powerful. And hence, yet another recipe with Moringa Leaves followed by the Moringa Leaves Soup that I posted here. I have listed out the enormous health benefits in that post. To add more, 

Moringa Leaf foods are the best medicine for mother’s milk secretion and a great food for pregnant women. Mix drumstick leaves juice with lemon juice and apply it on the face for few minutes and then wash it off, to get rid off the pimples. It promotes healthy hair and prevents premature greying of hairs. 

Here is a Power Packed Rice Mix that encapsulates the nutritious benefits of the Moringa Leaves - Moringa Leaves Rice Mix / Murungai Ilai Kalathu Podi..
This can be mixed with hot steaming rice along with a dollop of home made ghee or our native gingelly oil...It also increase appetite and aids in digestion as I have enhanced it with Pepper and Cumin..along with Curry Leaves..It sure is a power packed podi...Hope you will like this..Do try and let me know your valuable feed backs....Happy Cooking :) 

Step By Step Pictorial 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Spring Onions Rasam

Spring Onions are the young onion plants that are harvested before the bulbs bulges. The Greenish tubular leaves as well as the pearl white bulbs, both are edible and you can see every other Chinese dish will have these Spring Onions. It not only adds a unique flavour to the food but also offers a lot of health benefits.

They are rich in antioxidants and the Vitamin C in abundance helps in reducing blood Cholesterol levels and the Sulphur reduces the risk of Coronary Heart Diseases. It also helps in reducing Blood Sugar Levels. Its a very good appetizer and aids in digestion. It also helps in improving bone density.

Wanted to try Rasam with Spring Onions and it really turned out to be good and quite flavorful. It can be served as Soup as well. A new recipe to my Rasam Series :)

Happy Cooking :) 

One Pot Autolysis Pomegranate Kesari

Today being an auspicious day, Guru Purnima, I wanted to start putting my OPOS Recipes in my Blog. OPOS is nothing but One Pot One Shot Cooking Method founded by Mr.Ramakrishnan (You can check for his OPOS recipes here). I became member of the OPOS Food Group in Face Book called UBF (United By Food) an year back. The amount of learning over this year is humongous and I started cooking most of my recipes by this method only. To me OPOS is more a science and if we really understand the nuances, techniques and standardization, almost every other recipe can be done by OPOS in a more flavorful way. Thanks to Ramakrishnan, the food scientist, behind all those A to Z techniques of this OPOS method. I am planning to post all my OPOS recipes here as a separate section.

I love experimenting with sweets and especially Kesari is one recipe which I have done enough of my crazy combinations. After joining UBF I couldnt even think of going back to old method of making Kesari which involves continuous stirring and at some  critical times I have always ended up with lumpy kesari. Thanks to Chithra Viswanathan ma, another legendary cook and author of AskChithvish, from whom I learnt this autolysis method of making One Pot Kesari. In her words, we can make glide in throat kesari with autolysis.
Here is my special One Post Autolysis Pomegranate Kesari for this Guru Purnima Neivedhyam.

Happy Guru Purnima :) 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Millet Malpua With Rabdi

A journey of an awesome year as a food blogger..yes its one year completion today and am stepping into second year of blogging. Being a full time working professional I normally get very little time to update recipes here. Even then I managed to post 74 Recipes here and this comes as my 75th post which is very special milestone for me. Wanted to post something sweet and new..hence this twist to a very traditional and famous North Indian Delicacy..Malpua With Rabdi. I always wanted to try this myself at home and its my first try of Malpuas but with a healthy variation. Yes, I used Foxtail Millet Flour instead the usual Maida or Atta as the Original Version Calls out.

Thinai or Fox Tail Millet is gluten free millet, rich in protein and good amounts of Iron and Calcium. It is also rich in dietary fiber and hence serves as a boon for diabetic patients. It releases glucose steadily without affecting the metabolism of the body.

Thanks a lot for the support and encouragement over this one year and am planning to post more Organic Cooking Recipes in coming year.

Here's the Foxtail Millet Malpua with Rabdi to Celebrate the Anniversary of KitchenDB.. :)

Keep Supporting and Encouraging..Welcome your Feed Backs :) 

Drumstick Greens / Murungai Keerai Soup

Drumstick Greens which is called Murungai Keerai in Tamil is one miraculous greens which is not much valued by us even though we know the amount of health aspects it provide us with. It is a power packed green with lot of nutritious elements. Even a recent report published showed that it has the ability to cure 5 different kinds of cancer. It has more amount of Iron than Spinach and bountiful amount of calcium when compared to milk.It also offers a good amount of Protein, Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) and Vitamin C.

It has excellent antioxidant, anti inflammatory and tissue protective properties. It helps in controlling Sugar Levels in Diabetic Patients, good for Cardio Vascular Health and also beneficial for liver health.

Here is a Soup Recipe made with this amazing green to harness the huge amount of benefits that it offers.

Cook Healthy :) Eat Healthy :)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Special Tomato Rasam / Arachuvitta Thakkali Rasam

Yet another delicacy in my Rasam Series which is little rich when compared to normal Tomato Rasam. The Garlic ground with the Tomato gives a great flavour to this Rasam. Well ripened tomatoes need to be used which gives that tangy effect and it has only a very little of tamarind. If the Tomatoes are very tangy, the tamarind shall be omitted.

Happy Cooking :) 

Idicha Rasam / Hand Pounded Rasam

A quick and easy to make recipe in minutes which my grandma always makes and it tastes heaven with hot rice. There is no need for Rasam Powder or Mixer for making this tasty Rasam. The Masala is hand pounded using a pestle and mortar hence the name Idicha Rasam (Hand pounding in English).

Happy Cooking :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mango Tender Coconut Smoothie

A tasty and delicious smoothie that is made with Sweet Luscious Organically Grown Mangoes and Mineral rich natural Coolant Tender Coconut. This is one great way to relish the Mangoes during the season. This combo is loaded with Vitamins A, C and important minerals and a bountiful mount of dietary fiber. I tried various combinations of Mango and this one turned out really good one to indulge in.

Would love to hear feed backs :) A best drink for kids. 

Plum Lemonade - A Refreshing Summer Cooler

Plums belong to drupaceous fruits having sweet and tangy taste. They are loaded with Vitamins and essential minerals. They are very low in calories with no saturated fats. It is rich in antioxidants and helps to boost up our immune system. Intake of Plums helps in production and absorption of Iron in our body and aids in red blood cell formation.

Due to the great amount of Potassium presence in helps in regulating the function of heart. It keeps blood pressure under check and prevents the risk of heart stroke to a great levels. The Anthocyanin pigment that is present in Plums acts as an anticancerous agent.

Consumption of plums also helps in better digestion due to the presence of good amount of dietary fibres.

Here I am with a refreshing Lemonade made with Plums to relish. A perfect drink to harness the benefits of Plums. I have made this as a perfect electrolyte with Salt and Organic Cane Sugar. Hope you enjoy this :)

Mango Lemonade - Summer Cooler

I ensured that this season I use the Organically Grown Mangoes that we got from a known farm in every other possible way. One of the delicious recipe is the Mango Lemonade which is a real refresher with the sweetness of Mango and tanginess of Lemon. A very simple and easy to make recipe that is loved by kids and can be a refresher in home parties. No need to mention that it is loaded with Vitamin A and C and Organic Sugar I added here increases the health quotient. 

Hope you enjoy this simple delicacy :) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

IruPuli Kuzhambu

A recipe which I learnt from a neighbor some years back which she often use to do. I remember tasting it during my childhood days when my grandma used to make but never had a chance to get her version. As it tasted similar to my grandmom's version, I ensured I save this to my diary. Many of the authentic recipes I learnt from my neighbor aunty who is a skilled cook.Her Pongal Kuzhambu and Poricha Kuzhambu are my favourites.

This Irupuli Kuzhambu is made in different ways, a combination of two sour agents among Tamarind, Sour Curd and Mango. Any two will be combined to make this, as it has two souring agents it got this name. The Methi Seeds gives a unique aroma to this Kuzhambu. Its paired with Kali Kindina Dosa which is another favourite dish of mine, which also I happened to revive after going through the post of the cooking legend Chithra Viswanathan amma (Chitvish).

Goes well with Hot Rice and Spicy Potato Curry too :)