Monday, November 30, 2015

Mixed Veggies Kuruma Kuzhambu

This is one recipe which is my Mom's signature recipe I would say and for the flavor and aroma that will appetize everyone at home whenever she makes this...The best part is we get the nutritive value of all the veggies in a more tastier way..Goes well with hot rice and even Idly, Dosa, Chapathi and Pooris. And its the best recipe to make when you have one or two of all veggies where we always end up in Avial,Kootu or even Kadhamba Sambar.

Thanks to Mom for such a great recipe which is most liked by all at home..

Try it and you will sure enjoy it :) I personally love this as side dish for creamy curd rice :)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Spicy Onion Rasam / Vengaya Rasam

In my Rasam Series, its yet another authentic and flavourful Rasam which is very close to my heart as this being the first Rasam Variety that my grandma taught me. A recipe which can be made in a jiffy and its flavour will simply mesmerize..and its very appetizing too. It goes well with Hot Rice and Coconut Mango Thogayal.

Try out and you will agree with me..I am a great fan of this particular recipe..

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wonder Wrap Series I

Having a fuzzy eating kid at home is what make moms tensed up in early mornings..Getting them to eat their breakfast and giving them a healthy and palatable lunch box is always challenging..For my son who is a fuzzy eater too, I found Wraps are the best way to make him eat all veggies and its almost 6 years by now..his lunch box is mostly Wraps.. My Wonder-wrap Series are the time tested ones with my Son and are obviously approved by him by showing his empty lunch boxes and in fact he gives many ideas now a days on fillings...I have a good number in this series for which I shall start sharing the recipes in the form of a the method of wrapping remains the same except for the filling and wrap base.

Here comes my first set of recipes...

1. Choco Almond Wrap - Completely Power Packed and Yummilicious Wrap with the goodness of almonds and Kids Favorite Choco Syrup drizzled generously

2. Spicy Ridge Gourd Wrap - Wraps are the best way to include Desi Veggies into our Kid's Lunch Box..and this spicy filling with a dash of Oregano is truly a tempting one

3. Cabbage Olives Saucy Wrap - Cabbage and Olives with a dash of Oregano is an exotic blend with tomato ketchup to get the tanginess

The Recipe Table is here...

I will keep updating other recipes as similar sets :) Happy Wrapping :) Would love to hear your feed backs and see your wraps too :)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Veldt Grape / Pirandai Kuzhambu

After a gap, I somehow squeezed in some time to post this authentic,healthy, digestive and Lip smacking recipe  "Pirandai Kuzhambu" in my Kuzhambu Series. This recipe is very close to my heart as this is one which I have always relished in my childhood with my grandma..She is such a hardworking lady and I have never seen her giving rest for herself..Those were not the days wherein you will have the accessibility to painkillers when you really feel body ache due to heavy work. Whenever she feels that she is tired and have body pain, she immediately do this or the Pirandai Thogayal and have it mixed with Hot Rice with gingelly oil which she used to say will relieve her from those pain. This one has an unique taste and flavor and I kind of got addicted to this from my childhood..

Pirandai is a type of creeper which has lots of medicinal value and health benefits. It is also called "Adamant Creeper/Devil's Back Bone/Veldt Grape" in English and it's botanical name is Cissus quadrangularris and it is called Hadjot in Hindi. This can be grown easily at home and I do have this in my balcony.It treats indigestion, fractures and sprains, is a best worming medicine, treats piles, menstrual problems and is also the best home remedy for ear pain.