Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kala Khatta Syrup / Jamun Syrup

Yet another special and healthy Indian Summer Cooler for this week using our Indian Black Plum / Jamun ( Jambul, Jambolan, Jambas, Malabar plum, Rajaman, Neredu, Kala Jamun, Naaval, Jamali, Java Plum are other names). It is very popular drink in Mumbai and it offers excellent health benefits. This is available during the Summer Seasons and June July being the peak. It is rich in glucose and fructose and a great source of minerals and phyto nutrients. It has good amounts of Potassium and thus helps in maintaining the heart health. It is proven to control the blood sugar levels and thus cures the complications related to Diabetics. It keeps teeth and gums healthy owing to its Vitamin C content. This is one flavourful juice be it a Sherbet, Fruit Soda or Ice Gola. It has good amounts of Vitamin A and thus good for Eye health. Jamun has natural cooling properties and aids in digestion, keeps skin fresh. Jamun fruit is also known to cure infections due to its anti bacterial properties. This recipe is a must to do during this season. 

Have a Happy Week Ahead :) 

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