Friday, November 6, 2015

Veldt Grape / Pirandai Kuzhambu

After a gap, I somehow squeezed in some time to post this authentic,healthy, digestive and Lip smacking recipe  "Pirandai Kuzhambu" in my Kuzhambu Series. This recipe is very close to my heart as this is one which I have always relished in my childhood with my grandma..She is such a hardworking lady and I have never seen her giving rest for herself..Those were not the days wherein you will have the accessibility to painkillers when you really feel body ache due to heavy work. Whenever she feels that she is tired and have body pain, she immediately do this or the Pirandai Thogayal and have it mixed with Hot Rice with gingelly oil which she used to say will relieve her from those pain. This one has an unique taste and flavor and I kind of got addicted to this from my childhood..

Pirandai is a type of creeper which has lots of medicinal value and health benefits. It is also called "Adamant Creeper/Devil's Back Bone/Veldt Grape" in English and it's botanical name is Cissus quadrangularris and it is called Hadjot in Hindi. This can be grown easily at home and I do have this in my balcony.It treats indigestion, fractures and sprains, is a best worming medicine, treats piles, menstrual problems and is also the best home remedy for ear pain.

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  1. A traditional thuvaiyal (chutney) recipe using the ayurvedic medicinal plant pirandai, which is called "Adamant Creeper in English. Piranda iis good for bone strength.Pirandai is an Ayurveda Food. Its valuable for our Health, its Gift By nature. Kaavidesam provides Pirandai relevant products.Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe