Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wonder Wrap Series I

Having a fuzzy eating kid at home is what make moms tensed up in early mornings..Getting them to eat their breakfast and giving them a healthy and palatable lunch box is always challenging..For my son who is a fuzzy eater too, I found Wraps are the best way to make him eat all veggies and its almost 6 years by now..his lunch box is mostly Wraps.. My Wonder-wrap Series are the time tested ones with my Son and are obviously approved by him by showing his empty lunch boxes and in fact he gives many ideas now a days on fillings...I have a good number in this series for which I shall start sharing the recipes in the form of a the method of wrapping remains the same except for the filling and wrap base.

Here comes my first set of recipes...

1. Choco Almond Wrap - Completely Power Packed and Yummilicious Wrap with the goodness of almonds and Kids Favorite Choco Syrup drizzled generously

2. Spicy Ridge Gourd Wrap - Wraps are the best way to include Desi Veggies into our Kid's Lunch Box..and this spicy filling with a dash of Oregano is truly a tempting one

3. Cabbage Olives Saucy Wrap - Cabbage and Olives with a dash of Oregano is an exotic blend with tomato ketchup to get the tanginess

The Recipe Table is here...

I will keep updating other recipes as similar sets :) Happy Wrapping :) Would love to hear your feed backs and see your wraps too :)


  1. Brilliant post Devi . Love your kitchen series :-) keep up the good work

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