Friday, December 25, 2015

Aarudhra Darshan - Tiruvaadirai Kali and Thaalagam / 7 Kari Kootu

Aarudhra Darshan is a festival celebrating the ecstatic Cosmic Dance of Lord Shiva (Anandha Thaandavam) in Natarajar Form. It is observed every year during the Tamil month of Margazhi on Thiruvaadirai Nakshatram. Aarudhra signifies the Shiva's dance inside the golden red flame.

This Cosmic Dance of Shiva is a symbolic representation of the continuous cycle of life on this universe ie., Creation to Destruction. Its believed that this dance takes place in each and every particle of the universe which is also a scientifically proven part that Universe is made of particulate matter which in turn is the source of energy (Einstein's Particulate Theory). The scientists have also shown that the movement of an atom is in the form of this Cosmic Dance performed by Lord Shiva. Hence Thirumoolar has also mentioned
"Avanandri Oru Anuvum Asayadhu"

Lord Shiva's Dance Pose is a complete symbolization of the cycle of life...

The Hour Glass Drum in his upper right hand is the symbol of creation which represents the Male and Female Vital Principles..Two Triangles infused..
The Flames of Fire on the left upper hand symbolizes the Destruction as per Hindu Mythology the Universe will be engulfed at the end by Fire.
Hence the two hands are kept at a balance...always there is a balance between creation and destruction..
The Second right hand showing Abhaya Muthra which means protection..
The crossed left leg and the and lower left hand indicates release from the cycle of birth and death..
The hand points the uplifted foot symbolizes Lord Ganesha who is the remover of obstacles..
Dwarf on which the Shiva Dances signifies creation is possible only when weight of the darkness of the universe is overcome and suppressed.
The ring of fire indicates the field of universe in which the dance takes place..
The Lotus Pedestal at the base indicates the universe in consciousness of each person...

On this day, we offer a sweet made of Roasted Rice Flour and Jaggery, Thirvaadirai Kali..which is a part of Hindu tradition. Along with this, a gravy is made with 7 vegetables also called as 7 Kai / 7 Kari Kootu or Thalagam.
My mom makes a very delicious texture of Kali and from her I learnt this recipe...There's a saying about this in Tamil ""Thiruvaadiraiku Oru Vaai Kali" 

Here's the Recipe for both...

This Year Aarudhra Darshan falls on 26th December.. Happy Aarudhra Darshan :)

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