Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Coolers - Tulsi / Holy Basil Sherbet

Aahhhaa... It has been a while I compiled a post here, even though I have been regularly posting in my FB page, blame my hectic work schedule [of course I need to do justice to the profession which I have taken ;)]
Summer means the seasonal fruits and the coolers that comes into mind and not even a single day at our home go without some juices. Family prefers to live on some chilled home made drinks. I always ensure that I make use of the herbs of our own and give them some healthy coolers to balance the minerals that is lost due to dehydration and sweating which is very common in hot summer days. This time I wanted to make a record of all the coolers that I experimented, learnt and researched. And Yes...I did achieved making 50 coolers in a month and I will be posting the recipes of the all the coolers that are made with health aspects in mind.

Please do check my FB Page for the array of the 50 + Coolers : Summer Coolers 2016 

Cooler 1: Tulsi / Holy Basil Sherbet 

Tulsi or Holy Basil (Botanical Name: Ocimum sanctum ) is a herb belonging to Mint Family. It is used in almost every other Indian Home as a home remedy for Fever, Sore Throat and Cold. Its a miraculous herb with lots and loads of medicinal benefits. Owing to its anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial properties, it is used in treating many of the deadlier infections too. It acts as an excellent detoxifying agent and a blood purifier. Tulsi consumption also strengthens immune system. 

Studies have proven that it also act as stress reduction agent. It lowers the blood cholesterol levels and hence useful for treating heart diseases. It also promotes Oral health. Acts as a great mouth freshener. We can keep listing the innumerable benefits of Tulsi. Having a Tulsi Plant at home helps you in preventing many body ailments. 

I tried making a Sherbet with this excellent herb which itself is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A and C along with Lemon which is a great cooler for this season even for kids. Added Almond Gum (the edible gum got from Almond Tree, which is a natural coolant). This was a big hit at home for the unique color and flavour. I have used Palm Candy for added Health Benefits.

Recipe..Here you go...

Have a Cool and Healthy Day :) 

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