Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lemongrass Lemonade - A Miraculous Medicinal Cooler For Migraines

Migraine..The word itself will sound terrific to those who are suffering with that worst demon..Am one among the hundreds who are living with migraine..a living migraineur. Till now the medical field hasn't got anything as cure for this problem only because it has a big list of potential causes which differs from person to person. The medicines which are available now also has lot of side effects and I write this with my own experience over the past 10 years and I have tried every other treatment modes ranging from Allopathy to Ayurveda. Nothing has really helped me in avoiding migraines and once you get your attack there is no other go, you have to fight out the phase which might last for few hours to few days too. I have a bad experience of 6 days of suffering.

Basically every migraineur wish would be to combat and alleviate the pain once you get an attack. Migraines alters our normal body functioning by altering the levels of the neurotransmitter, the Serotonin (hence the mood swings)  which in turn affects the normal functioning of the platelets (causing the clumping of the platelets) and disrupts the body's electrolyte balance which is essential for the proper nerve functioning and muscle functioning (hence the nausea, dehydration and stiffness of muscles and nerves).

In this post, am sharing a miraculous medicinal cooler recipe which will help to alleviate the migraine pain. It has Lemon Grass as the main constituent, which is known and proved by research for its highest content of Eugenol, which actually inhibits the clumping of the platelets by balancing the serotonin levels.

The other important ingredient here is Himalayan Pink Salt, which has lot of trace minerals and electrolytes (It has almost 84 of those 118 known elements on Earth) and thus helps in restoring the body's electrolyte and alkaline balance.

The Lemon Juice again with the Himalayan Pink Salt act as a magic in relieving the pain. This is an excellent cooler not only for migraineurs but for everyone on any day to keep our body hydrated.

Here's the recipe...Hope this helps atleast few who suffer like me..

Please do post your feed backs..Would love to hear..:) 

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