Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ripe Mango Rasam / Mambazha Rasam

Being the season of the King of Fruits..The Sweet and Luscious is raining mangoes at home. Good part is that I do get home grown Organic Mangoes from my native. I make sure I try all Mango recipes during this season for the family to relish those sweet delights in all forms..And today it is Rasam with the sweet delicious mangoes lot that I got yesterday.

Not to mention the bountiful benefits that this fruit offer to us. This fulfill 25% of the daily need of Vitamin A by our body. It also lowers cholesterol and very good for skin health.

Here is a simple recipe to relish this fruit...I have used Lemon here and avoided Tamarind for a better flavour and rich taste.

Happy Cooking :)

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