Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nellai Pazharasam / Fruit Mixture / Fruit Sherbet

The one smoothie made out of the native seasonal fruits which I have always cherished whenever I happen to visit that small Juice shop opposite to Mylapore Tank, Abirami Juice Shop. A very small shop owned by a man who sits inside and serves all the delicious freshly made juices and you can always see a big crowd there. I personally prefer this one delicacy that is popular too, The Original Nellai Pazharasam  (Thirunelveli Special) they call it and it is must to have during the summer season. One is the Original Fruit Mixture made of of fresh seasonal fruits and other variant is with a mix of Badam milk into it. It is absolutely an irresistible smoothie and happens to be my personal favorite all time. Thought of making this at home , this season and it happened to be a huge hit and I was so happy it matched the one I have always tasted.

The main Ingredient is the readily available Banana which forms the base and add the flavour. Here I am giving the recipes of the Fruit Mixture as well as the Badam Fruit Mixture. It is very easy to make in minutes if you have the fruits ready with you.

The Juice Shop @ Mylapore (PC: Google)

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