Thursday, August 11, 2016

Amla Ginger Thogayal / Nellikkaai Ginger Thogayal

Indian Gooseberry - A small to medium sized deciduous tree belonging to Phyllanthaceae family.It is loaded with nutrients, Polyphenols, vitamins, minerals iron and etc. It has been a popular ingredient in Ayurveda and Siddha medicines. It is a potent source of Vitamin C and also rich in iron and calcium.

I would say Amla as Poor Mans apple. An apple a day to keep doctor away is a proverb. But a single amla is equal to an apple in all aspects. An amla daily will help to keep up our body rejuvenated and young. It also strengthen our heart and kidneys. Amla juice along with honey in early morning avoids eye problems.

Regular consumption of amla juice helps in reducing cholesterol levels. Amino acids and antioxidants in amla aids in the overall functioning of heart.

It helps in managing diabetes and cures asthma. It flushes out the toxins from the body. It helps in promoting healthy hair and nourishes scalp.

The benefits are in numerous and the list goes on endless..Here is a simple yet tasty thogayal recipe for this week, which harnesses the benefits of both Amla and Ginger. It acts as an appetizer as well as aids in better digestion.

Happy Cooking :) Check out for Amla Soup Recipe here :) 


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    1. Thanks for the kind words :) and thanks for visiting my page.