Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kalyana Murungai / Mullu Murungai Vadai

Yet another healthy and medicinal recipes from the treasure trove of recipes by my Grandma, Mullu Murungai Vadai is what I am going to share this week. Got some fresh leaves again from my Native Home Garden to make this hot, steaming, spicy Vadai.

Kalyana Murungai/ Mullu Murungai in Tamil and Indian Coral Tree in English (Botanically Erythrina variegata) is a leguminous tree. It can be grown with even a small stump of this tree. It bears heart shaped leaves with three leaves in a stalk. The flowers are bright red in colour and hence the name Indian Coral Tree. The roots of the trees has nodules with nitrogen fixing symbiotic bacteria and hence it helps in fixing nitrogen in the soil. The leaves of this trees are excellent medicine and is a rich source of rare vitamins, minerals. It is also a rich source of Iron, Calcium and dietary fibre.
Along with Pepper, it helps in curing bad cold and cough. When taken with Garlic, it increases the Red Blood Cells in our body and hence acts as a medicine for anaemia. It is also proven to regulate irregular periods. The Juice of this leaves is used in treated skin allergies and disorders. It aids ion treating high blood pressure, diabetes and nervous system disorders.Even it is proven to be used in weight reduction diet programs.

Here you go for the recipe :)

The Leaves

The Flowers


Step By Step 

The Recipe

Happy Cooking :) 

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