Thursday, January 12, 2017

PanangKizhangu Thenagi Paal Payasam / Palm Sprouts Coconut Milk Kheer

Advance Pongal Festival Wishes to all and this week being very special for us as we celebrate our traditional festival, thought of sharing some native dessert using a fibre rich ingredient. Yes it is a delicacy using Palm Sprouts/ PanangKizhangu with Palm Jaggery and Coconut Milk. A very nutritious recipe that is made in native areas even now. Being the season of PanangKizhangu, it will be a good opportunity to try this out. Am really blessed to have relatives living in Village sides and doing farming hence I get these products from farms during every season.

Plamyrah tree is a miracle tree referred to as Karpaga Vriksham, as every part of it beneficial to mankind.One such product is the Palmyra sprout/Palmyra Tuber.It is the sprouts of Palm seeds.Normally each palm fruit will have three seeds and these seeds are planted in specially made soil nursery beds to sprout. In 3 to 4 months the seeds starts to grow. These seedlings below the surface are lifted out. This is called Panang kizhangu and is used in many ways.The fleshy stems are edible and are eaten roasted or boiled in Village Sides. We do get them in Chennai too during this season. This sprout is very nutritious and rich in fibre. Even Diabetic patients can have the boiled tuber.

Here you go for the recipe:


Step By Step 

 The Recipe

Happy Pongal and May this festival brings in Prosperity to all :) 

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