Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kidoos Special - Variety Idlies

Is your kidoo making the bfast time a highly stressful and is your dining table becoming a battle ground everyday...? Here you go with interesting recipes that I am going to post on a regular basis....(which are time tested with similar fussy eater at my son :) )

Idlies...a traditional and healthy food of South Indians..a light food and its easily metabolized in body because of the conversion of starches during the process of fermentation.

Having idlies for breakfast is a great idea but why to bore the kids with the usual idlies..with some variations and twists we can make them take idlies without fuss and also smartly we can include the veggies into their these array of colorful idlies..and you can be satisfied you have given your kids the nutrients they need..

Give it a try and let me know your feed backs :)

Red Cabbage Sweet Corn Idlies :

Also referred to as Purple cabbage which is rich in nutrients, often taken as Salad. It has 10 times more Vitamin A and twice as much Iron as the regular green version..

By including them in regular idly batter you can give your kids a colorful, flavorful and healthy breakie,,,

Red Cabbage Sweet Corn Idlies 

Palak/Spinach Carrot Idlies :

No need to mention the high nutritive value of Spinach..and kids too aware their importance..Thanks to Popeye..the Sailorman..but making it more palatable is what we need to do as a dutiful mom..

This healthy mix of Carrot and Spinach is sure to meet the daily needs of Vitamin A, C and dietary fibre...

Watch out for more varieties of idlies in upcoming posts..:)

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  1. Great Devi i will try for srinika its really good :)