Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Arcot Special - Makkan Peda

I still couldn't believe that my tiny little space has got 99 recipes in it and am too excited to post my 100th recipe here today. When I was thinking on what to post special for this milestone, this is one special sweet that came to my mind, as it has been a family favorite and my hubby loves this. He, being the key person behind this blog space and a great lover of sweets, I ended up making this delicacy as my 100th post..Yes it is Makkan Peda, a specialty of Arcot. I got introduced to this sweet by my beloved brother and friend, Billy who is from Ranipet. He often gets me this and another specialty of theirs, Malai Kaja. Am overwhelmed that I could recreate the recipe at home today. I take this opportunity to thank you all who encourage me and support me, without which I may not have reached this.

Here is the recipe :)

Happy Cooking :) Would love to hear the feed backs :) 


  1. Super Sis.The Sweet Looks Awesome.Good Post.

    1. Thanks Bro :) Thanks for visiting my space after long time ;)