Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mooligai Kashayam / Herbal Concoction

Its Thursday again and it calls for some organic recipes. Being very weak and dull due to bad Cold and Flu which I contracted two days before, I thought its best time to share the Herbal Concoction which we normally consume during such illness. Not only my Grandma, my Mother in law as well recommends this rather allopathy medicines. So its more a family recipe and here I have enhanced it with Lemon Grass which is not a part of the original recipe of my grandma. I have carefully selected all the ingredients and almost 80% of them being home grown, including Pepper. This concoction is very effective in treating Cold and Cough and gives a great relief from nasal irritation, body pain and high temperature which are the symptoms of flu. The weather that prevails is not so conducive and we are prone to flu and cold. Hope this recipe comes handy and on time.

To list out few among the enormous benefits of the ingredients I have used in this recipe ;

Karpooravalli is very effective in treating common cold that too in children. Consuming fresh leaves will also gives a great relief. Also it helps in treating constipation.As per Ayurveda, Tulsi has lots of potent germicidal, fungicidal, anti-bacterial and anti-biotic properties that aids in treating all kinds of fever, be it caused due to common infections to those caused due to malaria as well.Again it has anti fertility properties, hence recommended in moderate doses in women.

Karunthulasi is an excellent herb that improves the immune system and helps in developing resistance against common cold and fever. It strengthens the Lungs and protects it from dehydration due to cold. It treats Sinusitis as well.

Black pepper is as an effective natural remedy to prevent cough and cold. It is loaded with lots of essential nutrients like vitamin C, flavonoids, antioxidants and it has antibacterial properties.It loosens up the phlegm and helps us to breath easily.

Neem flower is known for its anti-bacterial property which helps in curing allergic cold.It also helps in blood detoxification and purifies the body internally, for any infections.It improves blood circulation and improves immunity.

Lemongrass is a miraculous herb which has many beneficial medicinal properties.Lemongrass has antibacterial and anti fungal properties that helps our body fight against coughs, fever and other cold and flu symptoms. It has lots of vitamin C that boosts our immune system to fight the infection.Lemongrass oil to relieve pain in muscles and joints, as well as headaches resulting from a cold or the flu.
It is very effective in breaking down mucus and phlegm buildup, which can alleviate problems with breathing.No wonder it is referred to as Fever Grass.

Cumin is rich in Vitamin C and has anti-fungal properties. These help to cure cold and other respiratory problems.

Coriander seeds contain nearly 30% of the everyday recommended measure of vitamin C for our body, which helps in curing cold and flu.

Betel leaf is very helpful in treating respiratory problems. It helps to treat cough and cold. It gives much relief from chest and lung congestion and asthma. It even helps to cure breathing problems. It is loaded with antibiotics that ease phlegm and also reduce the inflammation caused due to constant coughing.

Dry Ginger is well known for its  curative properties and is effective against Common Cold and Sinusitis.

Palm Jaggery is a cleansing agent for our body and effectively cleans the respiratory tracts.It is used since ancient times to treat problems like dry cough, common cold and asthma.

Turmeric powder is an effective home remedy for chronic cough, cold and throat irritations. It is very effective in treating asthma.

Here is the recipe :

Have a Healthy Week :) 

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