Monday, February 13, 2017

Jowar Dill Leaves Vadai

Bored with usual Masal Vada and Urd Dhall Vadas? Here is a very healthy and tasty option with the highly nutritious Sorghum/Jowar. It is loaded with Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber ; and its gluten free too. No wonder it is referred to a Great Millet. I have enhanced the recipe with other beneficial ingredient - Dill Leaves. It was a super hit among the guests when I made it for snacks.

Sorghum or Jowar is high in protein and anti oxidants. It is known to be the powerhouse of nutrients. It helps to fight against many forms of cancer. It helps in maintaining the calcium levels of our body. It protect our system against Diabetes and Insulin resistance. Helps in Cholesterol management and aids in better digestion.

Here is the recipe and benefits:

Happy cooking :) 

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