Thursday, February 9, 2017

Puzhungal Arisi Poondu Vendhaya Kanji / Fenugreek Garlic Rice Porridge

Another recipe from my Grandma's treasure trove and my most favorite one all time. A very common and most loved recipe in our family and is the best food when anyone is sick at home. This is a soothing and healthy recipe with very simple ingredients. Best and must for Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers, in general all women due to the addition of Fenugreek, Garlic and Cumin Seeds. When taken hot, the unique aroma that is imparted by the Garlic and fenugreek will be so fulfilling and a wholesome food, above all it is so addictive :)

Garlic has the ability to combat sickness and has lot of medicinal properties. It is rich in Vitamin B6 and C and minerals like Selenium, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Potassium and Iron. It has almost all the nutrients that our body needs. It is also known to reduce high blood pressure levels, lowers cholesterol level and protect us from  heart diseases. It also known to improve bone health and is rich in antioxidants.

Fenugreek reduces inflammations inside body and is rich in fibre. It improves digestion, increases milk production in lactating mothers.

Here is the simplest yet healthiest recipe to relish :)

Happy Cooking :) 

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