Thursday, March 9, 2017

Karupu Kavuni Arisi Inippu / Black Rice Sweet - A Delicacy of Chettinad

Black Rice / Karupu Kavuni Arisi is truly a Miracle Rice and an ancient Rice Variety, that is mostly used by Chettinad people to make sweets and desserts. It is loaded with health benefits and is rich in almost 18 Amino Acids that are essential for our body. It has good amount of Zinc, Copper and Iron. Also it is rich in Anthocyanins - "AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY HAS SHOWN, A SPOONFUL OF BLACK RICE CONTAINS MORE ANTHOCYANIN ANTIOXIDANTS THAN A SPOONFUL OF BLUEBERRIES"

Here is a simple and yet delicious, easy to make sweet using this rice. Am happy to get this rice from a known Organic farm directly along with other Heirloom Varieties of Rice and the Coconut is also from my native home garden. 

Happy Cooking :) 

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