Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tropical Delight - Ice Apple Hibiscus Cooler / Nungu Chembaruthi Sherbet

And the summer is here, which brings in the delicious and naturally cooling Ice Apples for us to relish. I have already shared various Ice Apple Recipes last summer and adding few more to the list this year too. Got some fresh and tender Ice Apples directly harvested from trees on demand on the way back home after a short trip to Auroville this week. We got one full bunch of the fruits carefully scooped out without breaking the delicate skin, as the juice inside the Ice apples are the excellent hydrating agent and has lot of medicinal properties. The juice when applied on prickly heat,rashes or sun burns will reduce irritation and burning sensation, cures them fast. The peels can be used for this purpose as it will have some juice and flesh. Just by rubbing the inner portion of the peels on the affected areas will give soothing effect.

Sharing another interesting blend of Ice Apple with Hibiscus which is a delightful cooler to enjoy this summer to harness the benefits of both.

Hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C and Flavanoids. It displays Anti Bacterial and anti Cancerous Properties. It is known to reduce Blood Pressure Level and Cholesterol levels in body. It is also proven to calm down the hot flashes that women faces during hormonal period of menopause. It is not recommended for Pregnant and Lactating women or those who are taking fertility treatments.It boosts up immunity and maintain body temperature.

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Happy and Healthy Week to all :) 

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