Thursday, April 13, 2017

Home Made Herbal Cough Syrup

Down with severe cold and fever for the past few days, due to severe throat infection. Might be the issue with water that I took outside, badly affected and I passed on my infection to my family too. Mostly we avoid going for antibiotics and try our level best with home made Kashayams(Herbal Concoction which I had posted here earlier) and with Salt Water gargling, frequent intake of warm water for these kind of infections. Mom has a special recipe of Kashayam especially for some Allergic Fever and Infections which I will share soon here. This time I ended up in worst cough and I was struggling like anything. Thought of trying a cough syrup recipe to ease the irritation during night (I had two sleepless nights due to this worst cough).
I have posted here Herbal Cough Drops / Herbal Candies already. Believe me, this worked really well and I was able to sleep peacefully and other thing I noticed is it started bringing the phlegm out and gives a good relief from congestion.It is not recommended for kids below 2 years. Otherwise it can be taken by above 2 Years Kids and Adults. Half Tablespoon in morning after food and before bed Half Tablespoon helped me.

It can be stored for 5 days in a cool place. Do not refrigerate. Use only dry spoon to take syrup. Store it in a clean, sterilized, glass bottle.

The Recipe

Have a Healthy Week and Happy Vishu in Advance :) 
இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் 

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