Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shikanji / Shikanjvi - A Spiced Indian Summer Cooler

Its an extremely hot week for sure and Tamil Nadu started experiencing heat waves. We obviously feel dehydrated and drained with this extreme weather. Even though we have lot of Summer Cooler recipes available, this one recipe is very effective and beneficial. Its a makeover of lemonade with some spices like roasted cumin powder and the addition of Black Salt gives this an unique taste. As per Ayurveda, Black Salt is the highly beneficial variety of salt and it has the powder to cool the body. It is also proven to cure intestinal disorders and a best known laxative. Shikanji / Shikanjvi is the spiced lemonade that is popular in North India and Pakistan. I have enhanced it with Palm Jaggery instead Sugar and added Mint Leaves for that zing effect. This is a best electrolyte as well and re hydrates the body.

Have a Healthy, Cool Week Ahead :) Lets wish for some Summer Showers :) 

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