Sunday, April 9, 2017

Nutritive Porridge Mix for Kids

A heirloom recipe that is evolved according to the taste and preference of the generations which I learnt from my mom. We as a kids enjoyed and grew up with this and its now by our kids. Mom does it meticulously in batches for our usage here and for my Nephew and Niece abroad.Even though it involves some preparatory works of washing and shade drying the ingredients, roasting them in low flame one by one (to increase the storage capability), its worth doing and stocking as it is a blend of healthy ingredients and a very balanced food for growing kids. My niece takes this alone and go to school and this is filling too. A family recipe of a Kids special Porridge mix with benefits of Ragi and Samba Wheat. Thanks to mom for this nutritive recipe.

Have a Healthy Week Ahead :) 

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