Monday, January 18, 2016

Manithakkali Keerai /Black Night Shade Tomato Kootu

Manithakkali Keerai which is called Black Night Shade is a miraculous green with in numerous health and medicinal benefits. It has anti inflammatory properties and are a rich store of antioxidants. It is found to have a great use in curing mouth ulcers. It is a store house of Vitamin C and it also has lot of minerals. Due to their huge medicinal qualities they occupy an important place in Indian Medicine. It revitalizes the body and give energy to our system to work tireless all through the day. It also serve as an excellent appetizer.

We have this grown in our Kitchen Garden at my native and the organically grown healthy greens are delicious when made into Sambar or Kootu. Here's one simple recipe of kootu which combines the Moong Dhall and the Manithakkali greens which is very good for ulcer patients and people who are recovering from long term illness.

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