Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quinoa Brown Rice Adai

A recipe which was long pending in my wish list..and got some time at last to try it out and it came out so tasty and rich. I have seen many of the Quinoa Adai recipes and I wanted to try by tweaking it by addition of Brown Rice instead normal boiled rice. Also I have adjusted the proportions of Moong dhall to get a softer version.

Quinoa is one of the protein rich grain belonging to the family of Amaranths. It has high amount of Manganese, along with good amounts of Iron and Magnesium. It has Lysine which aids in tissue repair and growth of cells.

Brown Rice is loaded with dietary fibre and it lowers the risk of diabetes. It is rich in Selenium and Manganese. It can lower Cholesterol and prevents weight gain. It is proven to protect human body against Cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer. It promotes bone health as well.

The healthy combination of this miraculous Quinoa and Brown Rice along with the goodness of the lentils make this adai a highly nutritious food item. Its flavorful too.

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