Friday, March 18, 2016

Healthy Rice Mix - Pepper Cumin Powder and Kalathu Podi / Digestive Powder

In this post I am sharing some interesting and healthy rice mix recipe which is a traditional recipe of many of the South Indian Households. Hailing from a family of people who believed that through food and some herbal mixes all kind of ailments can be cured, this is something which is used in treating indigestion. My grandma who seeks these kind of medicinal household recipes for every other system disorders, taught me some of her recipes and more the importance of them. I have personally relished these and found cure at times when needed. It might be unbelievable for the people of this antacid gel age.

Pepper and Cumin have proven to have properties that aids in proper digestion and curing gastritis issues. These two spices are considered as super spices. Just a spoon of this powder with a spoon of melted ghee added to hot rice when consumed do give us relief from indigestion issues and also improves appetite.

Kalathu Podi or Digestive Powder is something that is usually given to the newly delivered moms, or lactating mothers to get relief from indigestion and gastritis. We also call it as Pathiya Podi as it is given a must during the first three to four weeks after delivery. It helps in proper digestion and also stops vomiting in babies when they feed on the milk of the mom when she faces digestive issues. These are some recipes which I treasure and it has been transferred by my grandmom to my mom and I want to have it saved as already we are forgetting all our traditional recipes by now..Thanks to the fast food culture. I will also post the special Pathiya Kuzhambu and Pathiya Rasam for the newly deliverer moms in my upcoming posts.

Not only new moms, but anyone can take this podi with rice to get relief from indigestion and gastritis.

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  1. Digestive powder Very useful receipe Akka. Do you easily get dry neem flowers in market?

    1. Thanks a lot dear Agila..Its available in ayurvedic medicine shops :)