Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Manithakkali Keerai Thannisaaru / Black Night Shade Greens Soup

Manithakkali Keerai / Black Night Shade is a wonder greens and it is loaded with huge amount of medicinal benefits. Similar to Agathi Keerai (Sesbania grandiflora) it has the property to cure ulcers and very good for Stomach Irritation and other digestive ailments. I have also posted other recipe Manithakkali Keerai Kootu.

This Thannisaaru is one recipe which helps in harnessing the complete benefits of this miraculous green. After a day of fasting its good to start with this Thannisaaru as it acts as a coolant and make us feel comfortable and cure ulcers. This recipe has Coconut added which is also used in treating ulcers. The flavor imparted by Sesame and Cumin is unique and it serves as a good appetizer too. It can be served as soup or with hot rice.

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