Thursday, March 17, 2016

Narthangai Verkadalai Kuzhambu/Citron Lime Peanuts Gravy

Narthangai is called as Citron Lime or Key Lime and it is a hybrid between Lemon and Sweet Lime. It has a rough, tough dark green leathery skin with less acidic juice inside. It has lots of health benefits and it is proven that it helps in alleviating high blood pressure. It has lots of potassium in it which is very good for heart health. The juice if taken with warm water acts as an excellent blood purifier and liver cleanser. It gives cooling effect to the body and aids in proper digestion. I rather say it as Natural Antacid :)

We make dried salted form of citron lime every year during the season which can be preserved for years when perfectly done with proper drying. I love the flavour of this Citron Lime and its an excellent accompaniment for Curd Rice or Rasam Rice especially when we suffer from Nausea or even when we are sick. Wanted to have the flavour added to peanut gravy which was my plan for the day's menu and hence tried this Kuzhambu and it turned out to be very tasty and delicious.

Its best with Hot Steamed Rice or with even Curd Rice.

Try and let me know your feed backs :) Happy Cooking :) 

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