Thursday, April 7, 2016

Flax Seeds Groundnut Idly Chilli Powder

Flax seeds are miraculous seeds with innumerable medicinal properties. They were originally used in Austrian Medicine and now it is slowly catching attention owing to the health benefits that it offers. It has lot of minerals and loaded with fibre. It has less Carbs and gluten free too. It promotes healthy Skin and Hair. It lowers Cholesterol and aids in Weight Loss. It has good amounts of antioxidants which acts as anti ageing and hormone balancing agent.

A best way to include Flax seeds into our day to day diet is to have it in a powder form, which can be added to Smoothies, Juice or salads. Today I tried making Flax Seeds Idly Chilli Powder where I have used Groundnut to enhance the flavour and taste.

A healthy podi to go with Idly and Dosa :) 


  1. Wonderful post...great to know about them

  2. Wonderful post...great to know about them