Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Palm Jaggery Aapam / Karupatti Aapam

My new year resolution is to reduce amount of white sugar and go organic by replacing it with Palm Sugar and Palm Jaggery wherever possible. Needless to say that Palm Jaggery / Karupatti has innumerable health benefits. It has 60 times more minerals than White Sugar and a excellent source of natural sweetener. It increases Hemoglobin levels in our body and it aids in digestion. The higher potassium levels in it aids in weight loss. Its a great medicine for Cough and Cold or any kind of respiratory disorders. It is believed to reduce the Migraine Pain as well.

Here I have used this Palm Jaggery in our Regular Aapam batter which enhances the nutritional value and the recipe credit goes to my beloved mom. I made variations by adding Tutti Frooti to make it a delicious recipe for kids. Tastes best when taken hot. Plain Karupatti Aapam with Gingelly Oil is best combo as per Mom's recipe.

Would love to hear your feed backs :)

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