Thursday, October 20, 2016

Amla Ginger Digestive Smash / Nellikaai Inji Legiyam

For this weeks Organic Kitchen, I wanted something medicinal and healthy.Being Diwali round the corner, we need something to keep our digestive system healthy to indulge in all the sweets and savories that we make. Got some home grown Amla and Ginger from my home town which I wanted to process into something that is useful. Here is a uber cool recipe with just four ingredients, Amla, Ginger, Cumin and Palm Candy. This can be taken on a daily basis after meal for better digestion. Even a spoon of this can be added to our regular lemon juice to make it a digestive cooler. Check out Amla Soup recipe I have posted here for the benefits of amla.

Here you go for this simple, tasty, healthy recipe which can be done in  minutes.

Step By Step Instructions

Happy and Healthy Cooking :) 

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