Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Seepu Muruku / Surul Muruku/ Seepu Seedai

This year's Diwali preparations started with this delicious Seepu Muruku or Surul Muruku. I would say this is a heirloom recipe for me and this one has always bring back my childhood memories, where we as kids (along with my three brothers) have it inserted in all 10 fingers and relish them and the mild sweetness in this Muruku makes it very tasty. It is called Seepu Muruku because in those days we had a Wooden Plank with ribs on it which is used to make this and it will give lines as in comb. Somehow, over years we missed that Plank (Achu). I have drawn a diagram of how it looks like, below. Without that Plank, I have made this plain here. We can also use some designer plates to get the impression of the design over the dough. I thank Mom for teaching me this recipe which I very much wanted to learn and master myself as I dont want this to be a forgotten one for the generations to come. She patiently posed for making of the Muruku as I was taking photograph of every step. Happy to have my family recipe for this Diwali.

Few Tips to Follow:

1. The dough needs to be a thick one to make the shape easily. If loose, we cant make the rolls. Much care need to be taken while adding coconut milk.

2. If sugar quantity is increased, the Muruku tends to turn dark brown on frying.

3. The rolls need to be dried before frying to get a crispier version.

Here you go for the recipe :

Would love to hear your feedback :) Advance Wishes for a Happy Diwali :) 

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