Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Therali Appam - A Popular Steamed Delicacy of Malabar

Being married to a Mallu, its became a mandatory thing for me to learn and do native Kerala recipes and I never miss the chance of learning any new recipes from my MIL and my hubby's maternal aunts. Every year we visit his native place, Mavelikara in Alapuzha district of Kerala which is a very beautiful place with lots of temples. In all their house, they have a big garden with all spice and vegetable plants. Whenever I visit, I ensure that I learn some new recipe from them. This time it is a steamed delicacy which is made using the fresh Vayana Leaves / Therali Leaves (Similar to Bay Leaf in shape and flavour,but bigger in size). It is an easy to make recipe with the goodness of Wheat Flour along with Nendran Banana / Jackfruit. Thanks to Krishnan Uncle and Indira Mami who patiently demonstrated me the making of this delicious and healthy Appam.

Step By Step Pictures - By Uncle and Aunt :) 

Making of the Leaf Cone 

Happy Cooking :) 

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