Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vallarai Spicy Rice Mix / Vallarai Podi

With North East Monsoons kicked off and Nada Cyclone Alert, we definitely are curious about the outcomes this season is going to bring about (remembering last year's disastrous period). Wanted to share some healthy spice mix powder, apt for this season to stock, with the very beneficial Vallarai Keerai / Pennywort Leaves, for this week's Organic Kitchen.

Asiatic pennywort or Indian pennywort / Vallari is another treasured herb which offers a bountiful of health benefits (often referred as Memory Booster). Botanically Centella asiatica . It can be easily grown in kitchen garden.

The Leaves are used in treating the problems like liver functioning,lungs and kidney disorders, and for regularizing blood circulation.

Since ages it has been considered as the best brain tonic for growing children. Presence of Nitric acid in the leaves is highly beneficial for brain activity. It aids in improving the concentration and helps to focus better.It also strengthen the optic nerves.

Vallarai extract is also used in treating Hair fall, hair thinning and other hair problems.It also helps to cure problems like indigestion, stomach pain or diarrhea.

Studies show that the extract of these leaves are helpful in treating hyperactivity in children and also to treat Alzheimer disease.

Used in treating Diabetes as these leaves has the potential to reduce the blood sugar level, and also used in treating constipation problem and stomach ulcers.

Taking 1tsp of shade dried and powdered Vallarai with warm milk before bed time will  kill the worms in the stomach.

Sharing a healthy rice mix with goodness of Vallarai, Horse gram, Pepper and Sesame Seeds.

Here you go for the recipe:

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