Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Whole Black Gram Dosa / Mulu Ulundhu Dosa

Its yet another long pending recipe that was in my bucket list to be shared here. Nothing new or innovative but one of those forgotten recipe/ more I would say the form of Urd Dhall being used I would say. Its Whole Black Gram Dosa Batter. I have seen my grandma and mom using only whole Urd Dhall for Idly Dosa Batter during my childhood years passed by we moved to the polished and deskinned Urd Dhall for the fact that we get more white idlies. For many health aspects, we are getting back to our age old methods and recipes and this is one such which harnesses the benefits of Black Gram completely.

For benefits and nutrition aspects of Black Gram, please check my Karupu Ulundhu Vendhaya Kali Recipe.

Here you go for the recipe of the batter.

Tip: Use Gingelly oil to make dosas as it enhances the flavour and taste and serve with Garlic Chutney or any Spicy Chutneys.

Happy Cooking :) 

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