Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sukku Kashayam / Dry Ginger Concoction

When I was thinking of what should I post for this Thursday's Organic Kitchen, I came across the recipe of my grandma in a notebook which am keeping as treasure (I slowly recollected all that she taught me and have written down in a notebook). Even though I make this often, I never published it here, for the fact that the recipe being very simple and easy one. Yet it is very effective against almost many of the ailments and is the best home based herbal remedy for headache, cold, flu, cough and indigestion. Yes, it is our simple humble Sukku Kashayam an integral part of Paati Vaithyam  :)

Dry Ginger is an excellent medicine and it has numerous benefits. It fight against bacterial infection, reduce obesity, purify liver and blood. It is also proven to be effective against tooth ache, throat infection, cure acidity problems, improves immunity and above all prevents stroke.

Here you go for the recipe.

Step By Step 

The Recipe 

Have a Healthy Weekend :) 

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