Thursday, December 8, 2016

Herbal Cough Drops / Herbal Candies

Chennai is expecting another spell of rains and thundershowers. The current weather is very conducive for mosquitoes to breed in and the chances of infections like flu is still high. Thought of sharing a Herbal remedy for Sore Throat and Digestion related issues. I made this Herbal Cough Drops for my Mom who is suffering from severe cough and cold for the past few days. Made it very subtle with a unique blend of home grown herbs like Holy Basil, (Black and Green Both), Country Borage which are very very effective in treating sore throat along with Ginger, Pepper and Cloves (Clove is known to improve immune system and effective in treating head aches, aids in digestion too). It can be taken for digestion related problems as well as the ingredients helps to promote digestion. Why to go for Vicks and Halls when we can make them at home so easily with all local ingredients? Happy to share this.

Here is the recipe:

Happy Cooking :) 

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