Tuesday, July 12, 2016

IruPuli Kuzhambu

A recipe which I learnt from a neighbor some years back which she often use to do. I remember tasting it during my childhood days when my grandma used to make but never had a chance to get her version. As it tasted similar to my grandmom's version, I ensured I save this to my diary. Many of the authentic recipes I learnt from my neighbor aunty who is a skilled cook.Her Pongal Kuzhambu and Poricha Kuzhambu are my favourites.

This Irupuli Kuzhambu is made in different ways, a combination of two sour agents among Tamarind, Sour Curd and Mango. Any two will be combined to make this, as it has two souring agents it got this name. The Methi Seeds gives a unique aroma to this Kuzhambu. Its paired with Kali Kindina Dosa which is another favourite dish of mine, which also I happened to revive after going through the post of the cooking legend Chithra Viswanathan amma (Chitvish).

Goes well with Hot Rice and Spicy Potato Curry too :) 

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