Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mangosteen Lemonade / Mangosteen Lemon Cooler

Mangosteen, a healthy and unique fruit which is called the queen or tropical fruits. It is known for the health benefits that it promotes due to the great amounts of Antioxidants and micronutrients. It is a rich source of natural fibre, energy and protein. The fruit is of tennis ball size with a green stalk and a purple coloured rind. Inside the tough and leathery purple rind lies the sweet white fleshy fruit which is edible and the seeds are highly bitter and not edible. The Fleshy white portion is what consumed as smoothies and juices or as such.

It has enormous medicinal properties, no wonder it is crowned as Queen of Tropical Fruits. To list a few, the Mangosteen Fruits are,

- Antibiotic (prevents bacterial infections)
- Anti Atherosclerotic (prevents blockage of arteries)
- Anti Fugal (prevents fungal infections)
- Anti Lipidemic (Lowers Lipid Levels)
- Anti Inflammatory
- Anti Ageing
- Anti Carcinogenic
-Anti Viral
- Improves Skin Health and Oral Hygiene
and the list goes on....

An interesting and refreshing cooler that I made this summer is a real delish and quite flavorful too. Mangosteen Lemonade :)

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