Tuesday, July 19, 2016

One Pot Autolysis Pomegranate Kesari

Today being an auspicious day, Guru Purnima, I wanted to start putting my OPOS Recipes in my Blog. OPOS is nothing but One Pot One Shot Cooking Method founded by Mr.Ramakrishnan (You can check for his OPOS recipes here). I became member of the OPOS Food Group in Face Book called UBF (United By Food) an year back. The amount of learning over this year is humongous and I started cooking most of my recipes by this method only. To me OPOS is more a science and if we really understand the nuances, techniques and standardization, almost every other recipe can be done by OPOS in a more flavorful way. Thanks to Ramakrishnan, the food scientist, behind all those A to Z techniques of this OPOS method. I am planning to post all my OPOS recipes here as a separate section.

I love experimenting with sweets and especially Kesari is one recipe which I have done enough of my crazy combinations. After joining UBF I couldnt even think of going back to old method of making Kesari which involves continuous stirring and at some  critical times I have always ended up with lumpy kesari. Thanks to Chithra Viswanathan ma, another legendary cook and author of AskChithvish, from whom I learnt this autolysis method of making One Pot Kesari. In her words, we can make glide in throat kesari with autolysis.
Here is my special One Post Autolysis Pomegranate Kesari for this Guru Purnima Neivedhyam.

Happy Guru Purnima :) 

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