Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mint Dhall Rasam

Am here with a flavourful and healthy recipe for my next post on #IOTGORGANICKITCHEN this week, Yes, It is Mint Dhall Rasam. An aromatic and tingling rasam that refresh our system.

Mint also known as Mentha is a small herbaceous plant. We can grow them in small containers from the twigs of the Mint after using all the leaves for cooking. And cooking from the produce that you got from your own garden is something exciting. It is best to use fresh than dried mint to harness all the benefits.

The medicinal and health values of this perennial herb is in numerous and to list out a few..

- It gives great relief for Asthma
- Strengthens the Liver
- Aids in better digestion
- Act as a natural body coolant
- Improves Oral Hygiene
- Anti cancerous
- Anti Inflammatory
- Promotes Healthy Skin and Teeth

Mint can be used to prepare so many recipes like Thogayal, Dip, Chutney, Rice Mix, Coolers, Soups,Ice cream, Variety Rice,etc., I will slowly add up more recipe with this Marvelous Mint...

And here is the recipe for the flavourful rasam.

Step By Step Pictorial 

Happy Cooking :) 

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