Sunday, July 31, 2016

Citron Mango Ginger Pickle / Kadarangaai MaaInji Oorugaai

The season of Mango Ginger started and I never miss to make my favourite pickle out of this flavourful Curcuma Amada (Scientifically we call so). The unique falvour of raw mango is quite appetizing and no wonder it helps in relieving abdominal gas and promotes better digestion. It has lot of medicinal benefits. This combo that I am posting here is my Mom's Signature recipe where in she blends two beneficial items, Citron (Kadarangaai) and Mango Ginger (Maa Inji). This is for sure a tasty blend.

Here is the recipe..Thanks to my mom for patiently dictating each step.

Happy Cooking :) 

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