Sunday, July 10, 2016

Red Rice Idly Dosa Batter

Red Rice is a variety of unpolished rice which has a nutty flavour and has lot of health benefits. It is proven to reduce the cholesterol levels and is a great replacement for Polished White Rice. The color is imparted by the high amount of phenolic compounds called Anthocyanins. It is rich in fiber, Vitamin B1, B2, Iron and Calcium. Due to the rich fiber content it is highly recommended for heart patients and diabetic. It is also included in weight loss programs and loved by fitness freaks.

It also helps in fighting asthma, lowers the risk of obesity. It has anti ageing properties and prevent premature wrinkles of skin.

I make sure that I include this as a Idly Dosa Batter or as Rice to diet very often. Rice as such steamed may not be palatable for kids, wherein this Red Rice Idly or Dosa due to its colour and flavour will be loved by them.

It goes well with Coconut Chutney or any Spicy Chutneys. The duration of soaking the Rice and Urd Dhall and grinding of Urd Dhall to a fluffy consistency are the key for Softy Idlies.

Cook Healthy :) 

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