Sunday, July 17, 2016

Millet Malpua With Rabdi

A journey of an awesome year as a food blogger..yes its one year completion today and am stepping into second year of blogging. Being a full time working professional I normally get very little time to update recipes here. Even then I managed to post 74 Recipes here and this comes as my 75th post which is very special milestone for me. Wanted to post something sweet and new..hence this twist to a very traditional and famous North Indian Delicacy..Malpua With Rabdi. I always wanted to try this myself at home and its my first try of Malpuas but with a healthy variation. Yes, I used Foxtail Millet Flour instead the usual Maida or Atta as the Original Version Calls out.

Thinai or Fox Tail Millet is gluten free millet, rich in protein and good amounts of Iron and Calcium. It is also rich in dietary fiber and hence serves as a boon for diabetic patients. It releases glucose steadily without affecting the metabolism of the body.

Thanks a lot for the support and encouragement over this one year and am planning to post more Organic Cooking Recipes in coming year.

Here's the Foxtail Millet Malpua with Rabdi to Celebrate the Anniversary of KitchenDB.. :)

Keep Supporting and Encouraging..Welcome your Feed Backs :) 

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